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Seniors are getting sexually transmitted infections too? Looks like we have work to do at all ages. Part 1: We watch it, read it, and fantasize about it—but when will we be comfortable enough to actually talk about sex?

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Karla Ivankovich, Ph. Back Psychology Today. Back Find Counselling. Back Get Help. Back Magazine. They were impoverished, and took up crime in some instances. The Irish share with Black people and Jews, an urban legacy in America that is not squeaky clean, but rather dirty, like life is dirty when you have no money.

Having street smarts is one way to look at the world realistically, and not be duped by those who would double-cross you to take your jag on the personal level or your natural resources on the imperial one. Those who first come to the city as hicks or boobs, come with the law of hospitality firmly entrenched in their hearts, only to awaken from such kindness by the cruelty of urban America. It's dangerous to be a dork or ninny in the dog eat dog world. That's why there are so many words for the person-preconditioning, the person before he develops the cop-on that accompanies an ambitious life post-nincompoop to make it in New York.

One way to wake up is to get slugged in the face and have your jag jacked. The Fighting Irish is a common aptronym that describes the occupation of many a brawler that had to whale on an opponent to survive or climb the ladder leading out of the rat race.

As an organized people, they were sparring with a much better-organized establishment. The Irish bickered with the WASP elite until the established order in New York broke down, reformed the sweatshop system of labor in Victorian Anglo-American society, and conceded to the unions and political machines the rights and benefits that created the middle class from the working class that the establishment would have been happy to see slaving away in sweatshops to this day.

Instead, the Irish organized and fought for a conception of America that yielded working people an American Dream, a chance to climb out of the slum and into a middle-class job and lifestyle. Lace curtain Irish is a term that describes the middle class Irish who climbed out of the slum into the spic and span homes of the American dream. They left behind a time in American cities when the Irish were smack dab in the middle of street life, theater, pop entertainment, and politics.

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The swells from the WASP tradition who owned the banks and institutions of American society tried everything to defame and prevent the Irish from joining their swank ranks, but that ended, or so the story goes, when JFK broke the barrier that separated the WASP from the Irish, and went from Harvard to the White House, key bastions of the establishment's institutional power.

One of the ways the Irish got there was by giving up their jazzy speech for the snazzy touch that remade them into crackers and honkies.

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Although it's commonplace to describe the Irish today as white establishment members, par excellence, they come from Irish Gaelic roots that put them in the middle of New York street life. We're comfortable enough now where we can re-engage that original condition, and reclaim for ourselves a key position in the history of American pop entertainment, language and culture.

Visit our dedicated music section here or our Irish language section here to read more. Do you have an idea for a story on Irish music or the Irish language? Why not join IrishCentral's contributor's platform Irish Voices? You can learn more about it here and sign up here. Related: New York. Toggle navigation. Trial begins in Australia for murder of Irish woman Ciara Glennon. Man charged in relation to the death of champion Irish dancer Adrian Murphy. Sister of Mayo man killed with his wife in horror New York crash speaks in court. White Christmas? Famous Donegal postman says it's a "strong possibility".


Why you have to visit Glasnevin - the resting place of Ireland's heroes and heroines. Thanksgiving is an American holiday Ireland should embrace. Young JFK called Hitler "stuff of which legends are made" in old diary. This group wants to hear from you. Suggestions include: drinking on your own, listening to buskers with over amplified versions of wonderwall and leaving Dublin and going to wicklow, whos side are you on again?

Starting off Mumsnet is a coven of bored fishwives who flounce around whatever is on Loose Women. They idolaitarily worship Kate Hopkins, Colleen Nolan.

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Plus have you seen their thoughts on trans people? Google transphobia mumsnet. Pastel colours on a summers evening. Sitting outside Lemon Jelly with a banana hot chocolate. Eating cheap but amazing Korean food in Hang Sung Supermarket. The Free walking tour of Dublin. The Little Museum of Dublin. The Jewish Museum of Dublin. The Ghost Tour.

Mumsnet is the equivelant of thejournal. Yes Janet, but your visitors had the advantage of a local? Meanwhile some bored musicians on auto-pilot belt out dodgy ballads at ear-splitting volume ini competition with a plethora of large screens. The following day you wander round Generic High Street while being propositioned by a succession of unfortunates who may not stop at just asking you for money. But apparently our great craic and friendliness cancels out all of the above. It does in me hole.

The country of the worst hotels in the world? A quick hop across the water disproves that.

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Or Butlers coffee on the hop. Stags Head of an afternoon. Dun Laoghaire pier. Sandymount strand. The IFI and the Lighthouse. Admittedly it feels overcrowded lately. Most of the UK big cities are as depressed as Dublin. How do you know a plane load of Mumsnet ladies has landed? The whining continues after the engines have stopped.