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Dushku told investigators, he said in front of the cast and crew that he would bend her over his leg and spank her. In an interview, Mr. Weatherly said the remark about spanking was meant as a joke. Dushku also described to investigators a time on the set when, in character, she made a gesture with three fingers. In response, she said, Mr. Weatherly suggested — to laughs from the crew — that she wanted to have a threesome with him and another male cast member. Because of his status on the show, his behavior was contagious, in Ms. The exchange left Ms.

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Weatherly said that when he mentioned a threesome, it was not to suggest Ms. Dushku take part in a threesome with him and another cast member. Then came the shooting of a scene involving a windowless van. With the cameras rolling, in front of the cast and crew, Mr. Weatherly said he would take Ms. Which, in retrospect, was not a good idea.

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Dushku shared her concerns with Mr. Caron, who seemed receptive, according to the interview notes, and they agreed that she would approach Mr. She began by telling Mr. She pointed out that after he made the threesome comment, a crew member said something similar to her, according to the interview notes.

Weatherly asked Ms. Dushku who had made the remark and why she did not report it. As Ms.


After the talk, Mr. Stapf replied that Ms. Dushku made the show better, according to the interview notes. Around the same time, Ms. Dushku expressed the worry to her representatives that Mr.

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Weatherly might go to CBS and get her fired. That is effectively what happened. Within days of confronting Mr. Weatherly, Ms. Dushku was written off the show.

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The plan to make her part of the cast was over. By way of explanation, Mr. Weatherly denied pushing for Ms.

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Weatherly insisted that she stay for a champagne toast celebrating the wrap of another season. Dushku thought that was odd, because she would not be returning and had been open about the fact that she did not drink. During the toast, Mr. Feldman said, referring to Mr. Spielberg, the chief executive of Amblin Partners, according to what Ms. Dushku said during the interview. Amblin declined to comment.

After considering a lawsuit, Ms. Dushku entered into mediation with CBS. Gates, Bezos, Buffett, et al. And what would the effect of the many forced liquidations have on stock values, not to mention credit markets if Bezos decided to borrow the money every year and, incidentally, wipe out any income tax liability for the year — heh?

What her idiotic wealth tax would do would be to crash the stock market, or possibly even worse, allow the Chinese Communist Party to soak up vast swaths of the American capital markets at a deep discount. It would be tempting to say Warren ought to be seen but not heard.

Democrats nominate this woman at their peril. The effect of this would be that the Heisman Trophy—winning quarterback would have to forfeit a large share of his name for the benefit of reserves on the swim or soccer teams per the collective bargaining agreement SEIU or some other awful union would negotiate with fellow leftist college administrators, and in no time flat the NCAA would cease to exist. Often heralded as a progressive utopia , the Golden State recently signed into law Assembly Bill 5 AB5 , which will change the landscape of the gig worker economy.

Stemming from the groundbreaking court decision established in Dynamex West Inc. Due to the accessibility of apps and sites like Upwork, Instacart and Uber, to name a few, people can work on terms they prefer and accept opportunities that feel right for them. The gig economy is what the world is moving toward, and better than half the people working in that economy say that no amount of money would incentivize them to work for anyone else.

Rispone clearly has momentum in the race, and Edwards seems a little unsteady — something that was quite apparent when the incumbent resorted to screeching and hurling insults in a debate Wednesday. The polls show a statistical tie. Subscribe Login Logout Edit Account. About Authors Events Contact Submissions. Politics Americana. Blog Donate. Hither and Yon. Plus, a few items from hither and yon.

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Hot Off The Press. Dov Is All You Need. The Right Prescription. Impeachment by Focus Group.

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