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My latest Minute Musing taken at 6, feet. Are you a team or a loose collection of individual talent?

Musings on ‘REVA’ (Gujarati movie)

Strong, committed teams overcome any obstacles. My latest Minute Musing where I talk about your three priorities in service of your mission. What would you identify? Thanks for sharing. My latest Minute Musing where I talk about courage and vulnerability, two qualities every good educator possesses.

Millennial Musings: On High’s Wry Critique of Individualism – River Volta Review of Books

Collective Commitment or Conditional Conviction? My latest Minute Musing comes to you from my front yard as I talk about the upcoming school year and making every student believe so they can achieve.

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Relationships, relationships, relationships…. My latest Minute Musing where I talk about gathering evidence to execute plans or to make excuses. One can hear echoes of some of these concerns in the protests against recreational marijuana shops, in Brookline and elsewhere.

There was also an underlying, if unspoken, class and ethnic dimension to the protests. As Ronald Dale Karr points out in his book Between City and Country: Brookline, Massachusetts and the Origins of Suburbia , the arrival of the Irish had changed the emphasis of the local temperance movement "from exhorting individual abstinence to outlawing public drinking.

The existence of the taverns just over the border —as well as the existence of illegal rum shops in the Irish neighborhoods — presented a continuing challenge after the local liquor ban was enacted in A week after the April hearing the police board handed down its verdict: the Heath Street saloons would have to go.

There was speculation at the time that the decision was made in part to circumvent a more far-reaching legislative mandate like the one that had been proposed by Brookline's Utley. The four tavern owners were granted time to find alternative locations further from the Brookline border.

They would be allowed to keep their liquor licenses as long as they found other locations in which to operate.

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In early November , after a meeting between the liquor dealers, the Brookline men, and the police board, it was announced that November 9th would be the last day the taverns could operate on Heath Street. Two of the owners had found new locations in Roxbury and one in South Boston. The fourth was still looking for a site. Boston Globe November 10, The local newspaper, the Brookline Chronicle , treated the news as a victory for the town.

The Boston Globe was more sympathetic to the tavern owners.

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  7. In a November 10th article with the headline "Too Close to Brookline People," the Globe noted that "The proprietors entered 'willingly' into the arrangement, it is stated at police headquarters, but in reality it was very reluctantly, because they had no other resource if they wanted to continue to sell liquor. It's not clear if the application was granted, but even if it was they were not on Longwood Avenue for long.

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    Public notice of John and Annie Devine's application for a license to operate a liquor business in Roxbury after being forced to move from Heath Street by objections from Brookline. Boston Globe , March 28, John Devine, however, did not live to long enough to see how well the business would do in its new location.

    He died in October , less than a year after being forced to move his tavern from its longtime location just across the Muddy River from Brookline.


    His age was estimated at The business continued under his wife Annie and a woman named Maria O'Brien. As for Brookline, it continued to vote every year to maintain the ban on the selling of liquor within town boundaries and, presumably, to oppose such establishments near its borders as well. The town did vote to go "wet" again in March , but that vote was symbolic only; Prohibition had gone into effect nationally two months earlier. It would be another 13 years until, with Prohibition winding down, Brookline's long liquor ban would come to an end.

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