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Action-packed, the books are written like journals. Readers pick up real-life investigative techniques that are true to the time period. A Few of My Books.

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The Prizewinners of Piedmont Place series The lovable wackiness of Modern Family meets zany contests in this delightful new series that will have readers laughing out loud! Worst Case Scenario Ultimate Adventure: Everest Choose-your-own adventure and find the right path to get your party to the summit!

Cigam—and find themselves battling monsters in these funny adventures. Published by Random House. Combined sales in the ,'s. Even the gorgeous Mila Rosen can't resist digging into "Invasion of the Junkyard Hog"—this good girl from Delaware really eats it up! Scream Team Series A squad of misfit monsters who team up to play sports All drawings by Jared Lee, the illustrator of the Black Lagoon series!

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Contains images. Dracula Bram Stoker. Kate Klimo John Shroades. With our sleep, wipe outs and limited speed at night we clocked the 34th overall bike time Team 'Capital Stamina', who we had met earlier in the event, and then passed at the end of the previous bike stage, had passed us back while we slept. The had then decided to sleep themselves in transition.

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It took us 1hr15m to pack up the bikes, inflate the boats and get out on the water, which was 13th overall transition time while Dart were out in 53min with the 6th fastest time at this point in the race Dart were already 18hr ahead of us, and the leaders of the race were just under 24hr ahead of them.

We hit the water just ten minutes behind 'Capital Stamina', and one of their racer's by the name of Liam, and I exchanged a friendly glance that said it all I'd write more but am liking the idea of sleep myself right now! Howe Sound Crest Trail September 16, Howe Sound Crest Trail , 30km, five runners, 7hr's total time with over 6, feet of climbing and 9, feet of descent.

Being up in the clouds all day didn't dampen anybodies spirits and even though two runner's had to take an early exit off of the route, everyone enjoyed just being out there and getting wet! Super tough trail, very technical, some scrambly yeah I made that up! GR Back to OZ race report tomorrow, early sleep for this guy tonight! Mtn Bike to Mid-Camp September 15, As Nick and I started to gain elevation, and the sun cleared the horizon and we were presented with a much clearer picture of the lay of the land.

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We yelled back to Megan and Mark that we thought we might be right on top of the CP and were going to the top to have a look. They decided to try and triangulate our position on the maps while we did so. Upon reaching the top it did not look good. The last thing any of us wanted to do was to add more elevation to our trek, in fact I must admit I was very impressed with how steep the trekking terrain was throughout the race! Just as my heart was beginning to sink I caught view of that beautiful orange and white square blowing in the wind Mark and Megs had confirmed our position shortly before we grabbed the CP, and already had our next line of travel in sight.

With the sun now starting to warm things up we peeled off layers and our bodies started to feel rejuvenated once again, although people's feet were really starting to suffer. Mark and Megan's bodies were holding up well though and there was not a mention of serious pain well race ending pain at least! As long as we hiked and did not run I was sure we could make it through the rest of the trekking stages.

We knocked down the final two CP's in succession and headed for the transition. During our trek we realized that by switching Megan's torn tire to the front of the bike it should alleviate some of the pressure from sitting directly above it. This was about all we could effectively do to improve our chances at getting through the rest of the course. We hit transition after a 22hr21m stage, we were just nineteen minutes slower than Dart's overall trek time I was well impressed with Mark's improved skills on the maps since last year! It's always tough to get a fair estimate on stages as the race progresses and teams roll out different sleep strategies.

We followed this up with one of our slower transitions in the race, but on top of the fact that we had to switch around Megan's tire, we also suffered two flats while we were out trekking! How do you flat when you aren't even riding!! After 1hr29m we departed with the 18th ranked transitional time.

The Scream Squad: Zombie Politics (PODCAST)

To top things off one of our 'presta valve' tubes had snapped at the valve itself while Nick was inflating it. Megan lost a spare tire with the rip to her sidewall in the previous bike stage and we were now down to just two spare tubes. It was not ideal but we were not too worried because we pretty much had enough patches to cover us through a porcupine attack!

We had only ridden a total of km to this point in the race, but all of our asses were already feeling it. Biking with a full pack changes things significantly! This was the longest bike leg of the entire race, listed at km and as we departed transition it took us a few minutes to get settled into the saddles. Towards the end of the previous bike stage I was starting to have shifting issues. I tried my best to diagnose and fix the problem but could not seem to work it out. I was stuck with but one working gear, everything else would skip the chain off my cassette.

Thankfully it was a mid range gear and I was able to bike most terrain with it, but my top end speed was effectively gone. This, however, would end up being the least of our worries. As we departed the 4x4 roads and turned onto a paved surface again for about 40km I think? We switched out tubes, checked my tire for debris and hit the road again. I think we made it about 5km before I sufferend an exact repeat! There were little thorns everywhere out here and as we checked our bikes we noticed that many of us had punctures that were staying sealed for the moment.

Nick pulled out one thorn, heard a hiss and reacted by pushing it back in He decided to leave it until it needed to be dealt with. We eventually covered the km to the first and largest town we would be passing through on the day Nick's thorn finally got the better of his tube as we were entering the town itself and we pulled in to a service station so we could at least get some food and shade while we patched it up. While Megan and Nick looked after that Mark and I biked across the street to a 'Tyre Shop' to see if they sold bike tubes at all?

We returned to the service station to find Nick's tube in his hands, he looked at us and asked if we had found tubes We grabbed some hot food from the service station and started going over our options. At the same time we would ask every person that came into the shop if they owned a mountain bike. At one point two girls of about eleven years of age walked out and Nick looked at them, "Excuse me.

How do you not know what a mountain bike is! We noticed a few more kids biking past on BMX bikes, and asked them the same question. They said that they did not know a single kid with a mountain bike in this town, "Nothing but BMX around here.

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We had to turn down no fewer than three rides to the transition in the back of trucks, but nothing in the way of tubes! We had now been here for over two hours and were getting ready to simply start going door to door. Someone in this damn town had to own a mountain bike! At about this time another team showed up and stopped at the service station for some food. We immediately started asking for help with our situation but one team member spoke up and said they were not allowed to give us any tubes!

I understand how valuable these items had become by now, but this was the first time in any adventure race that I ever had to ask for help and been denied it! We couldn't blame them I guess, but I was still shocked at the response! As that competitor went inside for food one of the other team members walked past us, slid a tube into our hands and simply said, "shhh! I walked into the service station, asked to borrow a drill and ten minutes later Nick's wheel set was large enough to accept schrader valves!!

We popped it in, biked straight to the hardware store and bought a container of super glue. Then we spun our wheels and glued over every damn thorn in there, which upon inspection were quite a few!

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After just under three hours, and none of it spent sleeping, we were back in the race! We didn't even manage to make it out of town before my chain started skipping in every gear and then, POP, my chain snapped!

Dallas student helps marathon runner cross the finish line | Daily Mail Online

I grabbed the 'chain break tool' and had the bike back together in a few minutes. To my absolute amazement my shifting problems had now been solved! I had been suffering from a bent chain link, yet another lesson learned!