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Some People Nurse Wrath —Many look at things on their darkest side; they magnify their supposed grievances, nurse their wrath, and are filled with revengeful, hateful feelings, when in truth they had no real cause for these feelings Resist these wrong feelings, and you will experience a great change in your association with your fellowmen. Impatience Produces a Baleful Harvest —What harm is wrought in the family circle by the utterance of impatient words, for the impatient utterance of one leads another to retort in the same spirit and manner.

Then come words of retaliation, words of self-justification, and it is by such words that a heavy, galling yoke is manufactured for your neck; for all these bitter words will come back in a baleful harvest to your soul. The Adventist Home, Hard words beat upon the heart through the ear, awakening to life the worst passions of the soul and tempting men and women to break God's commandments. Among the members of many families there is practiced the habit of saying loose, careless things; and the habit of tantalizing, of speaking harsh words, becomes stronger and stronger as it is indulged, and thus many objectionable words are spoken that are after Satan's order and not after the order of God Burning words of passion should never be spoken, for in the sight of God and holy angels they are as a species of swearing.

The First Three Years of a Child's Life —Let selfishness, anger, and self-will have its course for the first three years of a child's life, and it will be hard to bring it to submit to wholesome discipline.

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Its disposition has become soured; it delights in having its own way; parental control is distasteful. These evil tendencies grow with its growth, until in manhood supreme selfishness and a lack of self-control place him at the mercy of the evils that run riot in our land. Temperance, Never Discipline in Anger —God has a tender regard for the children. He wants them to gain victories every day. Let us all endeavor to help the children to be overcomers.

Do not let offenses come to them from the very members of their own family. Do not permit your actions and your words to be of a nature that your children will be provoked to wrath.

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Yet they must be faithfully disciplined and corrected when they do wrong, but never in anger. A parent gives way to temper before the child and then wonders why the child is so difficult to control. But what could he expect? Children are quick to imitate, and the child is but putting into practice the lessons taught him by his parents in their outbursts of anger 2MCP You may have to punish your child with the rod.

This is sometimes essential. But never, never strike him in anger. To correct him thus is to make two wrongs in trying to cure one. Defer the punishment till you have talked with yourself and with God. Ask yourself, Have I submitted my will to God's will?

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Am I standing where He can control me? Ask God to forgive you for transmitting to your child a disposition so difficult to manage. Ask Him to give you wisdom that you may deal with your wayward child in a way that will draw him nearer to you and to his heavenly Father. Violent Emotions Endanger Life —The giving way to violent emotions endangers life. Many die under a burst of rage and passion. Many educate themselves to have spasms. These they can prevent if they will, but it requires willpower to overcome a wrong course of action.

All the Rage That's Fit to Print: Four Books on Female Fury -

All this must be a part of the education received in the school, for we are God's property. The sacred temple of the body must be kept pure and uncontaminated, that God's Holy Spirit may dwell therein. Our High Calling, The Fruitage of Each Outburst of Anger —One class have come up without self-control; they have not bridled the temper or the tongue; and some of these claim to be Christ's followers, but they are not. Jesus has set them no such example They are unreasonable and not easily persuaded or convinced.

They are not sane; Satan for the time has full control. Every one of these exhibitions of wrath weakens the nervous system and the moral powers and makes it difficult to restrain anger on another provocation. Sons and Daughters of God, We flooded streets in protest. We filled out ballots. Whispers gave way to battle cries. So often, when you're upset or frustrated, or simply fed up, books are a safe place to turn. They can provide clarity and perspective in a lucid, concrete way that sometimes can't be found in any other medium. Ahead, 10 female authors reveal the books they turn to when they're fired up—and the ones they've found that deal with anger in a constructive, powerful way.

Sometimes I need her to tell me to channel my anger and 'write like a motherfucker. Sophie's anger is big: 'She kicks.

She screams. She wants to smash the world to smithereens. What's powerful is when we can channel our anger into something positive, like we've seen in recent months. And that's an important message for children and adults alike. I love how I re-learned this life lesson through the eyes of my sons. Morrison is a master when it comes to exploring intersectionality and the road to repair.

A novel as ephemeral as it is grounded in the lore of place, Housekeeping astonishes and inspires me with every read. It is a literary gem to be savored! The protagonist is envious and even cruel in a tender-hearted sort of way; she's a paradox like that. And it seems to me this dark and bitter side of anger deserves as much articulation as the empowering kind we feminists prefer to talk about—because this book proves there's insight to be found in it, too. Like Button. Share to Facebook Share. Share to Twitter Tweet. Share to Pinterest Pin. You May Enjoy. You were created to dream big. Discover how you can make those dreams your reality!

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